Year 6

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Year 6 is a challenging but fun end to the children’s time at Junior School. The children relish the vast array of opportunities, both in and outside of class, to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Key focus areas in Year 6 are:IMG 3282

  • -          Ensuring that the children become more independent.
  • -          Preparing children for their SATs and high school
  • -          Developing the children’s sense of responsibility
  • -          Increasing their sense of self-worth and understanding of the wider world

We develop these through:

  • -          The Year 6 children becoming School and House Captains, Playground Buddies and Assembly Monitors
  • -          The Moving On to high school program
  • -          The Marchants Hill outdoor activity residential trip
  • -          Mock SATs Week
  • -          Junior Apprentice
  • -          Charity Event
  • -          Year 6 Production
  • -          Year 6 Presentations
  • -          Roman Theatre Workshop
  • -          Sexual Education Program

The children thoroughly enjoy their time in Year 6 and although we are very sad to see them go at the end of the year, we know that they are extremely well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.




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