Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)


At our school we believe that all education providers have the responsibility to make high quality, balanced provision for all learners to help them to achieve their full potential.


Our teaching arrangements and strategies are fully inclusive.  We provide all learners with a broad and balanced curriculum, by ensuring equality of access and opportunity.  We develop our learners to work independently and collaboratively through differentiation, curriculum planning and resourcing.


Our school fully implements the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (COP) 2017. Please refer to our Document page for the SEND Policy.


If you'd like to help your child improve some key skills please visit the links page where you will find a selection of websites.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Miss Kate Wood.   right envelope



Surrey SEND Information, Advice and Support Service

Provide free information, advice and support to parents of children with Special Educational Needs throughout their school life.

Tel:  01737 737300

SEND Advice Surrey 

Email: ssiass@surreycc.gov.uk


Gifted and Talented Education


Gifted and Talented education has recently become a major priority in schools. Simply, the idea is to make sure that children who have exceptional ability, potential or talent in an area, are catered for.

At BCJS, we:

  • Identify Gifted and Talented children using a variety of methods including teacher observations, formal and informal assessment and conversations with pupils and parents.
  • Once identified, children are included on the Gifted and Talented register to make all staff aware of who these children are.
  • In their planning, staff will include extension activities that will challenge able pupils.
  • Children may also take part in special one off activities such as the More Able Maths Competition, Rotary Quiz Challenge and Quiz Club.

As Gifted and Talented co-ordinator, it is my role to help identify these children; make sure that  they are being catered for and are achieving to their full potential.

If you have any questions about Gifted and Talented education then please visit the following websites or contact Mrs Zelanie Cooper.      right envelope



London Gifted and Talented. Support programs for G and T.



Potential Plus UK.