Banstead Community Junior School strives to promote positive behaviour in order to ensure the safety of all pupils and to create a calm and purposeful working atmosphere. 

Pupil behaviour and good attitudes to learning are strongly and consistently developed across the school, resulting in good levels of independence and strong evidence of respectful learning and productive team working

We expect all children to:

  • Work to the best of their ability and allow others to do the same.
  • To treat others with respect.
  • To obey the instructions of school staff.
  • To take care of property and the environment.
  • To be a co-operative member of the school community.

Pupils’ positive behaviour is recognised in a variety of ways including team points, star of the week awards, merits and termly Headteacher’s Awards.

On display in classrooms, and around the school are our “Golden Rules” as a reminder of our expectations to all pupils.

Should pupils fail to meet our high expectations of behaviour the school has a simple system of sanctions which is understood by all pupils, parents and staff.

Visitors to the school, Ofsted and members of the public comment very favourably on the excellent standards of behaviour by all of our pupils.

“Pupils are polite and behave well.  They have good attitudes to learning.  Parents and pupils alike feel that pupils are kept safe and secure.”



School Council's song about Bullying



Golden Rules


clipart smiley face smiley face 13 We are gentle

We don't hurt others

clipart smiley face smiley face 13 We are kind & helpful
    We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
clipart smiley face smiley face 13   We listen
    We don’t interrupt
clipart smiley face smiley face 13   We are honest
    We don’t cover up the truth
clipart smiley face smiley face 13   We work hard
    We don’t waste our own or others’ time
clipart smiley face smiley face 13   We look after property
   We don’t waste or damage things