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Funded by the European Union 

 Supporting Positive Mental Health through Outdoor Games and Sport

Banstead Community Junior School have been involved in an Erasmus+ project with schools from Slovakia, Croatia, Italy, Germany and Turkey.

This project required each school to investigate games and activities that could be taught to the other schools, and in return increase Positive Mental Health and wellbeing.

To achieve this, it initially was arranged for the schools involved to meet and pladdn the project.  Unfortunately, due to COVID this was not possible, so the first meeting was held remotely.

Each Country would be able to demonstrate their activities and their culture when all schools met on a Mobility.  This was able to happen once travel restrictions had been lessened.  The first mobility was to Slovakia, where it was agreed to have another Mobility to Turkey.  The rest of the Mobilities were agreed at a meeting in Turkey.

Click on each country flag to see some of the images taken at each Mobility.


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