Feedback from 2016 Parent Survey

Based on the 80 parent who responded (24%) to the survey we are pleased that the vast majority of these parents noted that;

  • Their child was happy at school                                                       77/80
  • Pupils were well behaved                                                                77/80
  • Their child was well looked after                                                      79/80
  • Their child was well supported when they arrived                           79/80
  • Taught well                                                                                       78/80

However, there were a few areas that some parents had concerns about.  They were;

  • The variety of ex-curriculum clubs available                                   10/80
  • School doesn’t help pupils to develop their self-confidence             7/80
  • We respond poorly to parental concerns                                        12/80
  • Pupils do not all make good progress                                              8/80

We will focus on the four items above at our next Parent Engagement evening (date). 

However, if you have any concerns regarding how to improve these areas please feel free to contact me on –

Homework was as always a controversial issue with some parents wanting more homework whilst others wanted less.  As a school we will review homework in the Spring Term.  Some of the issues we will look at are:-

  1. Where the homework is recorded, should it be in a folder or book sent home with the pupil.
  2. Is there sufficient homework for all pupils depending on their age?
  3. Homework always focussed on supporting or challenging the pupils with their weekly work.