Headteacher's Awards - Autumn Term 2018




Joseph C

For being a kind and supportive member of Year 6 and approaching all learning with enthusiasm.

Lois S

Being a bright and cheerful person who always tries her best.


Elena S

For her beautiful English work and always helping around the classroom.

Elliot IB

For his fantastic effort and improve in Maths over the term.


Ted M

For really pushing himself in English to work to his full potential, which has had a positive impact on his work.

Oliver B

For his excellent scientific knowledge, reasoning and contributions in science classes.


Elena A

For consistently working hard and trying her best in all lessons.

Ben C

For always being focused in class and persevering with all tasks.


Olivia W

For always demonstrating a positive attitude towards every subject and producing consistently excellent work.

Damien S

For making an excellent effort to improve his handwriting.


Cara H

Cara has proven herself to be an inquisitive and hard-working pupil who is a role model to others. She is always friendly, willing to help and takes great pride in her work.

Joshua C

For working hard in all areas and eagerly participating in discussions.


Noah P

For always having a big smile on his face and showing a positive attitude to learning. It’s a pleasure teaching you.



For always working hard and trying her best. She has such a determined attitude. You are such a lovely girl.


Phoebe D

For working extremely hard and trying her best in all lessons.

Frankie S

For his polite and positive attitude and giving 100% effort in lessons.


Jamie A

For always showing a positive attitude to her learning and displaying excellent behaviour.

Riley S

For always being responsible and kind to others. Well done!


Lily F

For excellent persistence and resilience in her learning.

Zayaam M

For making an excellent start at BCJS and always setting a brilliant example to his peers.


Abbie J

For her consistent hardworking approach in class and completing all tasks with a smile.

Ashwin K

For his positive and mature attitude and approach towards his learning.


Riley F

For always trying his best and being so helpful in class.

Maya G

For always being kind to others and always wanting to learn.