Headteacher's Awards - Summer Term 2019




Morgan W

For believing in himself!

Natasha K

For her exemplary behaviour and outstanding attitude to learning.


Rosie A

For her hard work in all subjects, but particularly her beautiful English writing.   This will be missed next year!

Luciano G

For making a huge amount of progress in Maths and English. He should be very proud.


Oscar W

Amazing progress with your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Kasey H

For outstanding effort in English during the summer term.


Harry P

For working well in all subjects and making good choices throughout the term.

Amber C

For making a huge effort in all her work and producing thoughtful answers.


Henrietta S

For her fantastic extended pieces of writing which have been full of excitement and have been a joy to read.

Finley R

For increasing his effort across all subjects and producing some fantastic work in the summer term; particularly in English.


Amelie H

For always aiming to produce her very best work, sharing her ideas and being a helpful member of the class.

Olivia D

For working to a high standard throughout the year and making excellent progress in Maths.


Mollie M

For always trying her hardest in all lessons, particularly in English. Well done.

Harry R

For all of his hard work all year. His efforts have certainly paid off.


Alexa F

For being a fantastic role model for her class and always doing the right thing.

Nathan O

For a fantastic improvement in his attitude to his work this year. Keep it up in Year 5!


Saskia C

For being a motivated pupil who always works to the best of her ability giving 100% all the time.

Ethan R

For being a great member of Fir Class, who always shows exemplary behaviour to his peers and working extremely hard. Well done!


Nusayba G

For being a kind, helpful and gentle member of the class who always works with a positive attitude.

Callum H

For always listening carefully, embracing a challenge and working hard.


Max K

For being so determined in every subject and for being so polite and well behaved in and out of the classroom.

Saoirse V

For being so engaged in every lesson and always trying her best. She is determined to succeed!


Hashir T

For always being kind and respectful, and always working hard in every lesson.

Frankie O

For always joining in with class discussions and giving thoughtful contributions.