Headteacher's Awards - Autumn Term 2017


6B Rosie Holloway

For making fantastic progress in the quality of her writing.

Bobby Andrews For his valuable contribution to all lessons, and for being a polite and considerate member of Year 6.
6D Maisie Haigh For her consistent hard work at school, especially in her English writing which is always beautifully presented and imaginative.
Daniel Hickiin For his great ideas and contributions to class discussions, as well as constantly trying to achieve his best.
6P Oliver Longhurst For exceptional effort, an unwavering cheerfulness and for being a delight to teach and know.
Georgia Freshwater For always making good choices and for being quietly kind and supportive to others.
5B Dulcie Wright For always working hard in every lesson, all of the time.
Nihithan Vasudevan For excellent work in Maths and always offering his explanations in class.
5P Amalie Carr For always presenting her work beautifully and having a positive attitude in and around the school.
Toby Jenkinis For presenting his work well, trying his best and making excellent choices in and around the school.
5G Oliver Pulham For always having a positive attitude to tasks and trying his best in all lessons.  Well done.
Karina Ramful For being a fantastic member of 5G.  She has a brilliant attitude to work and sets an excellent example to others.
4C Isla Endacott For making a great start to Year 4.  You're a hard work in all lessons and a lovely, kind girl.
Maddox Enever For always taking on board constructive feedback to improve his work.  You're a great friend and pleasure to teach.
4B Imogen Blythe For always working her hardest and being a good friend to everyone in the class.
Alfie Parrott For starting to believe in his abilities and being great fun to have in class.
4H Sam Beales For hard work in all lessons across the curriculum this term and for being a good role model for the rest of his class.
Fleur Dore For her enthusiastic approach to all aspects of school life and always having a big smile on her face.
3MB Poppy Conroy For having a positive, enthusiastic and mature apporach towards her learning.
George Clowes-Pritchard For his hard-working and conscientious attitude in all subjects.
3B Sammy Gea Gea For being a motivated and conscientious pupil who is an excellent role model for the class and his peers.
Imogen Briggs For showing a positive attitude to her learning always and shows enjoyment in what she does.
3D Stanley Mullane For making excellent progress in all subjects.
Rose Hellings For making excellent progress in Mathematics and showing greater confidence in her ability.