Headteacher's Awards - Summer Term 2018



Thea J

For having a positive attitude to learning in Year 6.

Connor C

For being considerate to others, and for becoming more responsible in Year 6.


Maddison S

For her consistent hard work in all subjects and always striving to achieve her best.

Isaac C

For a significant improvement in effort and concentration in all subjects during this term.


Erin S

For approaching all lessons and every experience with complete commitment and always showing a love for learning.

Will H

For always trying his very best, for being a kind and caring friend, and for being a positive example in every way.


Grace B

For her improved self-confidence in all learning areas.

Remi G

For always having a positive attitude towards his learning.


Savannah D

For pushing herself in lessons and trying her best which has had a really positive impact on her work, especially her progress in comprehension.

Zacky L

For being kind, thoughtful and helpful in and around the school and for making an excellent effort in all lessons.


Charlotte S

For always showing a positive attitude towards learning in lessons and being enthusiastic when taking on challenges.

Yousuf M

For role model behaviour, excellent presentation in all his work and thinking through his ideas carefully.


Lilly R

For working hard all year. Your handwriting has improved and you never give up, even when you find it hard. Well done.

Henry W

For trying hard all year, especially with your reading and handwriting. Your efforts have paid off.


Olivia C

For always trying her best and producing excellent work.

Chloe J

For always working hard and being so helpful in class.


Loulou B

For her hardworking and helpful attitude at all times.

Aiden P

For being so helpful around the classroom and being a good role model to his peers.


Rosa M

For always having a positive attitude towards her learning and completing her work with a smile.

Harry P

For his enthusiasm and consistent hard-working approach across the curriculum.


Leila W

For having a positive attitude and always being motivated and enthusiastic with all that she does.

Zachary H

For trying his best all year and really working hard to show a positive attitude to his learning. Well done.


Jessica W

Always being a positive, kind and caring member of the class. You are a role model to your class.

Stefan I

Always being resilient in his learning. Stefan always gives 100% and strives to improve. You should be proud of your achievements this year Stefan.