Meet the staff at Banstead Community Junior School

To email a member of staff please use their firstname initial, their full surname followed by  For example Miss Channing would be

Senior Management Team
DSC 0894 Mr Steve Scott
BSc (Hons), PGCE, MA, FRGS 
IMG 5352a Mrs Clare Shooter
Deputy Headteacher
Year 3
Mrs Rebecca Phillips, Elm Class, PE Leader
Mrs Michaela Boxell, Oak Class, MFL Leader

Mrs Tanya Hawes, Ash Class,  Lower School Phase Leader, Science Leader, Senior Management Team                             

Year 4
Miss Lauren Channing, Willow Class, Geography Leader, Upper School Phase Leader, Senior Management Team
Miss Sophie Dakin, Fir Class, Maths Leader, Senior Management Team

Miss Chloe Healy, Cedar Class, RE Group

Mrs Anita Bahra, Cedar Class, Life Skills Leader

Year 5

Mrs Gurney, Poplar Class, PE Group

Mrs Carley Knight, Poplar Class, Computing Leader

Miss Annabelle Argent, Birch Class, History Leader

Mrs Zelanie Cooper, Maple Class, Gifted and Talented Leader

Miss Emma Davison, Maple Class, PE Group

Year 6
Miss Samantha Bowry, Rowan Class, Group Leader, Senior Management Team
Miss Charlotte Fairhall, Hazel Class, English Group
Miss Rebekah Weale, Chestnut Class, Life Skills Group
Non-Year Group Specific Teachers
Mrs Tricia Rowbotham, Teaching - General Subjects/Literacy, Art/DT Leader
Mrs Jacqui Burke, Teacher of Music, Choir
Miss Kate Wood, Inclusion Manager + Senior Management Team
Mrs Amanda Gooding + Support Teacher
Mrs Nicky Woodward - RE Leader



Teaching Assistants and Support Staff
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Janine Harrison  HLTA
Mrs Theresa Dulake  HLTA, School Council
Miss Maureen Traynor  + Bike it Officer
Mrs Sian Danbury + Lunchtime Supervisor + Pupil Welfare Leader
Mrs Michelle Behan + School Council
Mrs Rose Jones  HLTA
Mrs Bella Pledger  HLTA
Mrs Dawn Slater  HLTA
Inclusion Team
Miss Michaela Westbrook
Miss Sharon Larkin
Miss Jane Mash
Miss Emma Taylor
Ms Claire Roberts
Miss Nicky May
Miss Alison Jackson
Mrs Michelle Watson
Miss Morgan Prangnell
Mrs Shachi Anand
Mrs Jenny Penny
Mrs Kirstie Ball
Mrs Katie Jackson
Mr Matthew Turk
Mrs Nicola Adam
Mrs Alessandra Coelho
Miss Katie Bishop
Midday Supervisory Team
Mrs Sian Danbury - Senior Supervisor 
Mrs Concepta Hill
Mrs Jenny Penny
Miss Katie Jackson
Mrs Michelle Watson
Ms Claire Roberts
Miss Nicky May
 Mrs Shachi Anand
Miss Sharon Larkin
Mrs Pratima Sharma
School Support
Mrs Jane Hockey, School Secretary
Mr Robert Holyoake, Network Manager + Admin Support
Mr Vaughan Richards, Premises Manager
Anita Hardy - School Business Manager
Miss Margaret Sandercock - Admin Support
Mrs Imogen Alexander - Admin Support
Mrs Emma Harrigan - Admin Support
 Breakfast Club
 Mrs Anne Bowdery 
 Mrs Julie Smithers 
 Mrs Helen Trenaman



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